Thomas Mills High SchoolA State Funded Academy

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Vision and Charter of Values

Vision Statement 

We, the staff and governors, aspire

to ensure that all our students,

irrespective of ability

and regardless of anyone’s doubts,

achieve their potential in full;

and we aspire in this way to make Thomas Mills High School

the best in the country


A Charter of Values


We, the staff, pupils and governors of Thomas Mills High School, regard the following twelve values as central to our purpose:

  1. A love of learning for its own sake
  2. Vigour and optimism in embracing the future
  3. The intrinsic virtue of persistent hard work
  4. Acceptance of personal responsibility
  5. Equal value accorded to all persons
  6. Courtesy, self-discipline and respect for others
  7. A determination to achieve excellence in all we do
  8. Honesty, moral courage and integrity
  9. Good fellowship
  10. Service to others
  11. Leadership and enterprise
  12. Respect for the traditions and the achievements of the school