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ESU Festival of Speaking Get Your Voice Heard!

ESU Festival of Speaking – Get Your Voice Heard!
Fancy trying something a bit different during lockdown? How about getting involved in the #ESUFestivalOfSpeaking? The Festival works as an easy, fun way for you to practise your speaking skills - no prior experience is required!
If you are interested in celebrating with us, all you need to do is film yourself in a short video (1-5 minutes long) delivering a speech, a poem, a family debate or a monologue. You can use the links on the website below for inspiration:

Video Tips From The ESU Website

If you follow these seven tips, then your videos will come out well and will make them good quality. Have fun and get speaking!
1. Always record in landscape (horizontal) orientation. Lots of people using a ‘phone tend to go portrait, but it means videos have big black bars when reformatted into a typical 16:9 format
2. Set phone/camera to the highest quality possible and upload the footage with as little editing as is needed.
3. Zoom out to ensure there is some clear space all around you. We can always crop in a bit if we need to do so. People naturally move about as they speak and gesture, and they risk going out of frame if it is too tight a composition.
4. Where possible try to have a fairly plain background and, ideally, a contrasting colour to your skin tone and clothing.
5. Try to avoid overly harsh lighting (e.g. strong sun through a window) which can cast very heavy shadows around you.
6. Do a quick test recording for a few seconds before you start to make sure that the audio is being picked up clearly and that you are fully in the frame.
7. When posting to your own site, you may want to trim off any excess time at the start if there is a big gap between setting up the camera to record and actually delivering your piece, but try to do as little editing as you can. This is because the ESU may wish to use your piece, with your permission, and do some editing.

When you’ve finished your recording ask a parent to email your entry to Miss Vale ( She will then collate all entries into a video to share on our social media platforms using the hashtag #ESUFestivalOfSpeaking.
Parents: If you are not happy with your child to be featured on our social media pages, please write a clear sentence stating this in the email with your child’s entry. Deadline: Friday 22nd May 2020.