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Voluntary School Fund


As you are no doubt aware, school budgets have been tight for many years now. The continuous work of the ‘Friends of Thomas Mills’ is hugely appreciated. Through the Friends, parents have been, and continue to be, very generous and for this we are grateful. Whether it is selling raffle tickets, contributing prizes, organising and attending events. Recent examples of how money has been spent include a new school minibus and lighting for the Drama Department. Currently the Friends and Trustees are concentrating their efforts on the ‘Fab Labs’ Appeal, to raise funds for the refurbishment of our science laboratories – last year the appeal raised £17,000 through Friends’ events and donations.

If you would be interested in volunteering with the Friends please contact Martin Churchill at or Melanie Chew via 

However, we realise that there are parents who find it difficult to support Friends’ events, perhaps through the pressure of work or family commitments, but who might like to contribute in some other way. We have therefore launched a ‘Voluntary School Fund’.

This will be in addition to, and separate from, the Friends. We must emphasise that it is entirely voluntary. It is a way in which you (or your family or relatives) would donate to the school through a monthly contribution. The fund will be used to provide our children with items that cannot be financed through educational budgets or our more specific fundraising projects.

How can I help? If supporters were able to give on a regular basis and claim Gift Aid, funds will accumulate quickly. As an example: if 500 people contributed £3 per month this would raise £18,000 per annum (an extra £4,500 if Gift Aid was applied). A total of £22,500 per year.

The Voluntary School Fund will be used to enhance the educational opportunities of our children. It might finance new laptops/computers, books, sports equipment, or be used to contribute to small refurbishment projects, such as new shelving in the library. It will be used wherever the need is greatest. If you would like to make a regular contribution to the ‘Voluntary School Fund’, please find attached a Donation Form and Gift Aid form.

Updates will be given through letters about how the funds are being used. We thank you in advance for your help with this important initiative.

Genevieve Christie (Chair of Trustees)