The Six School Houses are all named after families with links to Framlingham castles.

Officials 2014-15

Arundel House

The Howard Family, one of whose titles of nobility is the Earldom of Arundel, owned Framlingham Castle, 1483-1635.

House captains Sport captains
Ellen Heath Harriet Elson
Ben Goodwin Billy Caiger
Former Blue Houses
Mills Grammar School FISHER
Framlingham Modern School SCOTT

Brotherton House

Thomas de Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, younger son of King Edward I, owned Framlingham Castle from 1312 until his death in 1338.

House captains Sport captains
Sofia Mead Isabel Barker/Ella Earl
Adam Johnson Max Elvin

Brotherton is the first House in the School's history to use Coral as its colour.

Fitzroy House

Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset (1519-36), son of King Henry VIII and Elizabeth Blount, is buried in Framlingham Church.

House captains Sport captains
Poppy Able Katie Smith
Harry Trott Adam Blades
Former Green Houses
Mills Grammar School FRY
Framlingham Modern School STEPHENSON

Hitcham House

Sir Robert Hitcham purchased Framlingham Castle in 1635 and left it in trust to Pembroke College to provide educational and other charitable benefits.

House captains Sport captains
Leeann Appleby Nurhikmah Russell
Jake Doyle Isaac Bloore

Hitchamis the first House in the School's history to use Purple as its colour.

Mowbray House

The Mowbray family owned Framlingham Castle, 1382-1483.

House captains Sport captains
Emma Driver Olivia Forder
Ryan Carter Jed Seeley
Former Red Houses
Mills Grammar School NIGHTINGALE
Framlingham Modern School CLIVE

Pembroke House

Pembroke College, Cambridge has owned Framlingham Castle since 1636.

House captains Sport captains
Poppy Fawkner Annie Voller
Jac Jones Charlie Beckwith/Carl Mayhew
Former Yellow Houses
Mills Grammar School CAVELL
Framlingham Modern School COOK