Academy Status

Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham became an academy on 1 June 2011.  

As such we are independent of the local authority that used to maintain us and under the authority of our own Academy Trust, which is incorporated as a private limited company (No. 7605059).   The Trust is also an exempt charity (i.e. subject to charity law but exempt from regulation by the Charity Commission – because it is regulated by the Department for Education).

Currently there are five members of the Academy Trust; their governance responsibilities are delegated to the Governors.  

As an academy we remain a state school supplying free education of the highest standard to the children of our community.   We have also agreed to maintain an interest in our three specialisms – technology, languages and the arts – and we offer various kinds of help to local primary schools.  

The terms on which our funding is provided to us are set out in a Funding Agreement with the DfE.   We have certain freedoms that local authority schools do not have in terms of how we spend our funds and in terms of policy.   We do not intend to make major changes in policy and will make any modifications only after a proper process of deliberation and/or consultation.   

For example, governors have decided to maintain the admissions policy exactly as it was when we were a Suffolk County Council community school.

Academy Specialisms

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Technology Specialism

Languages Specialism

Arts Specialism